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Littlewoods Direct Online Catalogue

Littlewoods Direct Catalogue, UK

Littlewoods Direct Shopping Catalogue is one of several online catalogue shops operated by the Littlewoods Shop Direct Group, several others of which are listed below. As of around 2010, Littlewoods Direct was re-branded as Very. However, the Very online store still offers the same great range as Littlewoods Direct ever did. (the "Littlewoods Home Shopping website - a separate online catalogue store - still exists in it's original form as Littlewoods Home Shopping). Filled to the brim with latest fashion and home goods, Littlewoods Direct Catalogue store is one online catalogue store that's well worth spending some money at.

Littlewoods Direct catalogue has used several different names over the years, and also still operates the separate catalogue store Littlewoods Home Shopping (as listed below). However, between the two, they are the latest incarnations of what you may previously have known as Littlewoods Index, Littlewoods Extra or Littlewoods LxDirect. However, they're all pretty much one and the same thing, each offering a broad range of products, and offering flexible credit options. You will find a great selection of products, including: Womenswear, Menswear, Kids Clothing & Nursery Products, Sportswear and Sporting Goods, Products for Home & Garden, Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Gifts & Jewellery, Toys and more.

Other Catalogue Stores from Shop Direct plus Other Online Shopping

Each of the Littlewoods Shop Direct brands offers something a little different to the other, and it's well worth a visit to each of the online stores. Although similar products are offered, you'll often find slightly different offers, and you may see special discounts at one brand which is not available on the others.

Additions Direct Online Catalogue

Additions Direct

Additions Direct is one of several online catalogue shops operated by Littlewoods Shop Direct, several others of which are listed below. Filled to the brim with latest fashion and home goods, Additions Direct - which used to be known as Argos Additions - is one store that's well worth spending some money at.

BHS Direct, for Quality Products at Affordable Prices

BHS Direct

BHS Direct is operated by the same BHS (British Home Stores) that graces many high-streets, but operates a completely separate website to the better known BHS department store website. However, BHS Direct offers many products that you'll not find on the better known BHS department store website.

Choice Online Catalogue

Choice Catalogue

Choice Catalogue, as per several others listed here, is one of a group of online catalogues operated by Littlewoods Shop Direct. Choice catalogue (previously known as Choice for You) has operated a successful UK mail-order catalogue business for many years. Providing customers with everything from fashion to electricals, garden products, and more, Choice catalogue is always worth a visit.

Kays Online Catalogue

Kays Catalogue

Like Additions Direct, Kays Catalogue is one of several online catalogue shops operated by Littlewoods Shop Direct, and has operated a popular mail-order catalogue business for years. Offering everything from clothes to home goods and garden products, Kays - which used to be known as Kays Lifestyle - is always worth a visit.

Empire Stores Catalogue

Empire Stores

Empire Stores is also one of the several online stores operated by Littlewoods Shop Direct, having been acquired from Redcats group in 2008. Offering a huge range of products, and an easy-payment scheme, Empire Stores is one of the most popular online destinations for shopping on credit. Why pay now when you can pay later!

Littlewoods Online Catalogue

Littlewoods Home Shopping

Littlewoods Home Shopping is just one of the Littlewoods brands with an online presence; the other being Littlewoods Direct, as listed below. While it may seem odd that Littlewoods would have two similarly named websites, they do offer slightly different products sometimes, and also different prices too, so it's always time well spent to check each site before making your final purchase.

Great Universal Catalogue

Great Universal

Great Universal catalogue store offers the same wide variety of products that you can find in any Great Universal mail-order catalogue. Now incorporating the Great Universal Essentials website, you'll find a huge selection of womenswear and home goods, and the buy-now-pay-later service is just one good reason to choose Great Universal over the competition.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Direct

Few brands are as well known as Marks & Spencer (better known to many simply as Marks & Sparks or M&S); with hundreds of stores throughout the UK, M&S also has a formidable online presense too, providing not only all the products you'll find in any M&S high-street store, but also many other online only products too.

Marshall Ward Online Catalogue

Marshall Ward

Shopping with Marshall Ward online store is just as easy as shopping with the Marshall Ward mail-order catalogue; simply find what you're looking for - or search by product code if you already know it - and head along to the checkout when you're ready. And, with a Marshall Ward account you can take advantage of the Marshall Ward buy-now-pay-later service.

Samsonite Online Shopping, UK

Samsonite online shopping

Although Samsonite online store doesn't yet offer that same great leathery aroma that greets you in a Samsonite high-street store, it is just as much fun to browse, and offers at least as many luggage products - and often more - as you'll find in any Samsonite store on the high street. As Samsonite afficiandos will atest, when it comes to good quality bags and luggage, there are few brands better than Samsonite.

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